Fall Decor

Fall decor: What I got from the Christmas Tree Shop under $10!


Summer is sadly in the rearview mirror, and fall is on the horizon! That means it’s just about time to put up those fall decorations, and if you’re anything like me… you’ve already started!

Seeing as this is our first home, and we just moved in back in April, we have ZERO decorations… for any holiday or season! Because we’re still getting used to all the expenses that come with owning a home, we weren’t looking to drop major dollars on decorations for the upcoming season.

Luckily, on a recent trip to The Christmas Tree Shop, I found so many adorable decor items, and they were all under $10! I mean, how often can you say that?

Grant it, I still have so much to pick up, but for now, I am really excited about my purchases and am super pumped to share them with you!



To start off, I picked up these too cute monogrammed decorative towels for the kitchen! They had so many to choose from, each with different designs on them, but I liked these the most! I should let you know that most of my home is neutral colors, so for me to pick something up that has a lot of color to it is a big step for me, ha! Unfortunately, these towels don’t seem to be available online, but I picked these up in store for I believe $1.99 a piece. Can’t go wrong with that price!



Next might be my favorite piece I’ve picked up! This white “Hello Fall” pumpkin and leaves blanket goes absolutely perfectly with our living room! It’s super soft, and a pretty good size! Like I said, our house is mostly neutral colors, so to find something so cute in neutral colors excited me! Also, because this doesn’t necessarily pertain to Halloween, we can keep it out all fall long! This blanket is available onlinefor the same price of $7.99 that I bought it for in store!



So I haven’t hung this up yet, because I’m not entirely sure where I am going to hang it, but it was just too cute to pass up! As you can see again, I just really love my neutrals! If you’re not into the neutral colors, there were tons of “welcome” sign options to choose from! If you do like this particular one, you can grab it in store for $4.99!



As I said earlier, I’ve already jumped the gun and began decorating. However, I don’t think I’m quite ready to put anything outside just yet. Don’t want my neighbors to think I’m crazy putting out a pumpkin sign in 80 degree weather. But, how cute is this sign?! Again, there were so many options of wooden and metal signs for outside, but I just really loved this cute pumpkin one! This particular signcan be picked up online or in store for $6.99!



Lastly, I got these little cuties! I really love monogrammed things, maybe because I’m excited to get married? Not sure, but in any case I just really loved this monogrammed pumpkin, which also came in orange! If you’re looking to get some personalized decor, this monogrammed pumpkinwas only $6.99! The metal pumpkin next to it has since moved to a shelf in my bathroom, but I thought it was so unique and meshed perfectly with the decor in my home! It seems as though this pumpkin can’t be found online, and I’m not ENTIRELY sure I remember what I paid for it, but I do know that it was no more than $6, which is a price you truly can’t beat. Lastly, I wanted a fall candle to help make my home smell nice and cozy. This Yankee Candle brand candle, though it can’t be found online, is just one of many scents that were available in store! My favorite, and I totally recommend it, is the “pumpkin harvest” scent, which I picked up for $7.99!


All in all, I was very excited about my purchases, and to be completely honest, I had to restrain myself from going overboard with my purchases! There was just so many adorable things to choose from, it was almost overwhelming!

If you have any suggestions as to where I should go next for some more fall decoration shopping, please do let me know!