Fall Decor Haul | Christmas Tree Shop


Can you believe it’s September already?! I feel like Memorial Day weekend was just yesterday. While summer is my favorite season of the year, once the end of August rolls around I just become upset that the summer is ending and am ready to just get on with fall.

I can’t say that I don’t like fall, because that just isn’t true. I do like fall — I love the fall festivals, fall scented candles, pumpkin picking, but not pumpkin spice lattes (sorry!) I also can say that I can TOLERATE winter, but once January 2nd hits I am ready for spring.

Another thing I love about fall is decorating my house!

When my husband and I bought our house about a year ago, we had ZERO decorations for fall, and not that big of a budget to go buy some.

We decided to go check out Christmas Tree Shop to see what they had for fall because we had bought so much other stuff for our house from there. To our pleasant surprise, they had SO much to choose from at such amazing prices.

Because of how much they had last year, we decided to go back this year to pick up some more stuff since last year we only bought the bare minimum. Again, they had so much cute stuff to choose from!

Everything I have purchased (so far) this year has been under $11 which is absolutely amazing to me!

Check out my YouTube video to see all that I got! Once I put up the decorations I’ll be linking everything on my LIKEtoKNOW.it! But for now, if you want to check out what Christmas Tree Shop has for fall, click HERE!