Eye Skin Care with VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask


I am a huge advocate for skincare and skincare products. I think it’s so very important to take care of your skin!

Especially in 2019, I’ve made sure to take the time out each day to take care of my skin, and let me tell you these few minutes I take each day to do so has done wonders for my skin!

With all that being said, I believe that when it comes to skincare, many people forget about or don’t pay as much attention to their eyes! Whether you think so or not, your eyes are just as important to your skincare routine as the rest of your face!

My eyes are actually a problem area of mine. I am forever trying to brighten up the dark, dull circles around my eyes, and for being only 25-years-old I have lines under my eyes that I probably shouldn’t being this young.

I recently began using the O2M Oxygen Eye Masks from VIIcode to see if they would help with any of the problems I was experiencing!



First thing I noticed about these eye masks is that it tells you to keep the under-eye pads on for about 8-hours, so essentially, for the duration of your sleep. This was the first time I ever tried an eye mask that you’re supposed to keep on for that amount of time, normally the eye masks I have tried tell you to keep them on for about 10-15 minutes. Which, when thinking about it, 8-hours allows for plenty of time for the product to really work.

Also, it should be noted that it is SAFE for you to leave this particular mask on for that long because it is designed to be worn for a long duration. You shouldn’t try to wear a mask designed to be worn for 10-15 minutes for 8 hours, that can cause damage to your skin.

The masks were so easy to apply, and weren’t dripping with product — which is a pet peeve of man when using any kind of gel or sheet mask. The product on this mask was more of a gel than a liquid, making for an easy and clean application. Because of the gel nature of the mask, they didn’t slip off my face throughout the night.

In addition to using the masks, I’ve been using the Hydrating Eye Spray, which helps hydrate the eyes in just a few sprays! It really couldn’t get much easier than a couple of sprays daily. The combination of these two products are like a match made in heaven!

I’ve used these masks a couple of times thus far, but I have to admit even after just one use I was noticing a difference in my under eye area. I noticed the area looked brighter, smoother, and in turn, made my eyes look more awake.

In addition, my skin felt smooth and hydrated. Which is a big deal for me because I have very dry skin!

Although it has only been a few uses since receiving these eye masks, I am very pleased with the results so far! It’s never too late (or early) to begin taking care of your skin, and don’t forget about your eyes!