Forever 21 haul | November 2019

Express HAUL | Winter Wear November 2019

Have you heard? Sweater weather is here! *I say, in my best Amy Poehler SNL voice*

Just the other day I stopped at the outlets by my house to pick up a few things, and as I always do whenever I go there, I ended up in Express. I mean… how can I not go in when I see a giant sale sign in the window? Gets me every time!

Of course, I ended up walking out of there with quite a few things. But that’s okay, because it was totally worth it!

As of late, I feel as though I am tired of many of my sweaters and cold weather clothes that I have. I don’t know why, I just feel like they’ve been worn out. Thankfully, I was able to pick up a few cold weather pieces this trip!

You can see all that I purchased in the haul video above!

If you’re interested in any of the pieces in the video, you can check them out:

Cozy Fleece Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Oversized Crew Neck Sweatshirt (sold out of the ‘Fearless’ ones, but this is very similar and still just as cozy as the one I bought, I know this because I have multiple)

Pink Sweater (Also sold out, but similar)

Black Sweater (Again, sold out, because I’m striking out all over the place, but here is one that is similar but in blue with a different neckline)

The last piece unfortunately is also sold out with no similar items available, but I will keep an eye on it to see if it gets restocked!

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