Easy Ways You Can Support Your Friend During Pregnancy

Experiencing your friend’s pregnancy alongside them can be a great way to strengthen your relationship. Regardless of if this is your friend’s first, third, fifth pregnancy, each time will be different, yet still unique for them as they prepare to welcome a new life into the world.

During the pregnancy, they will need to be supported to help them have the best experience and overcome any of the unwanted side effects pregnant can bring if they do experience them. Mostly being pregnant can take its toll physically and mentally as bodies go through massive changes to accommodate the growing life inside them.

So if you are struggling to find ways to support your pregnant friend, this post has some great ideas.

Treat Your Friend

Everyone loves to be treated, so the odd gift for both mum to be and baby will likely be well received. Focus on gifts that can aid relaxation and comfort for your friend and practical baby gifts if you want to purchase for a baby too. Foryourlittleone has quality products for babies you can look at. Great ideas include;

  • Pregnancy specific pamper days
  • Pregnancy massage
  • A night in being waited on hand and foot with no responsibilities
  • Pamper kits
  • Bump journal
  • Baby vests/sleepsuits
  • Diapers
  • Bathing products
  • Blankets


Listen To Your Friend

It may be that your friend doesn’t necessarily need you to buy them anything. Although gifts will always be appreciated, they may simply need you to listen. Regardless of their current situation, pregnancy is complicated, and it can place strains on both a body and someone’s life. Take the time to let them vent, cry, laugh and discuss the pregnancy as much as they need it.


Offer Practical Help

“Let me know if you need anything”, chances are everyone will have had this exact offer touted to them many times before. And honestly, mostly, it can be just talk. Be specific about the help you can give. Check dates for hospital checks or scans and doctor visits. Then offer direct help for transport or simply for company. Is your friend struggling with cooking meals due to pregnancy tiredness? Offer to make their meals to last them a few nights to allow them to rest. Take their dog for a walk, offer to book a one-off house clean (unless nesting has kicked in) and so on. Anyone can contribute to help but be direct about what you can help with and when you will give a firmer offer that is more likely to be accepted.


Keep Her Secrets

Pregnancy can mess with your hormones in the craziest ways and while you are listening to them vent or ramble off their thoughts, avoid spreading this to others. It may be that they need to get something off their chest that is upsetting them. It could be just the hormones talking, and the act of discussing it out loud can help with no further action needed. Don’t let this go any further. The same with baby names or plans they want to discuss with you but no one else. Keep anything you might be told in confidence.

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