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Decorate for fall with me! | VLOG

Now that Labor Day is in the rearview, I figured it was the perfect time to pull out the fall decorations.

Considering the fact that my taste is always changing, picking out fall decorations is an absolute struggle for me. There are things I bought two years ago that this year I’m like “meh, why did I buy that?” And, despite it still being (technically) summer, stores have done away with most of their fall decorations and now Christmas decorations fill the shelves… which, I know we’re trying to rush this year along, but come on now…

I decided to film my first vlog style video and show you guys what fall decorations I actually have, and how I am decorating my house this season.

I feel like I definitely need some more decorations, because my house still feels totally bare, so hopefully I can get some more decorations before they’re all gone for the year!

Check out the video below for my “Decorate For Fall With Me VLOG!”:

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