Date Night In Box: “Sensing More”


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Another month means another awesome Date Night In Box! This month’s “Sensing More” theme was all about using your five senses. It included activities that required you and your partner to channel your senses to complete!

Included in the month’s box, like all of the boxes, was a recipe card with delicious meals. This month’s meal included a parmesan, panko and almond-crusted tilapia, as well as some small meals like a tzatziki dip, whipped feta, tomato and cucumber salad, and a white bean and basil hummus. I’m for sure going to hold on to this recipe card, especially since many of the ingredients are things that we’ve just begun growing in our backyard garden!


The first activity requires your sense of touch. Included in the box is lavender body oil, and massage cards. Each massage card included information on the importance of each type of massage, which we thought was very interesting! (Coming from two people who are always on the go and don’t know much about relaxing, this is awesome if you’re anything like us)

The second activity required use of your sense of sight. For this activity you were to use a puzzle included in the box, but it wasn’t as simple as just putting the puzzle together, the activity also required you to observe the images of the puzzle to be able to answer some questions about what you just saw after completing the puzzle.

Be sure to leave room during dinner for the third activity included in this month’s box… a taste test! We received a box of McCrea’scaramel candies, each of which was a different flavor (single malt scotch, dark roasted mocha, black lava sea salt, basil cayenne, and tapped maple) while trying each of the candies, we gave each piece a score for the smell, taste, and timing! We loved this activity, so creative and fun!


Fourth was a scent sampling, we sampled soy wax melt candles from OkCollective Candle Company! The scents we sampled were “Stargazer”, which has a very sweet smell to it, “Yas Queen”, which had a smell of a mixture of mint and citrus, and “The Real MVP” which almost smelled like a cologne if you ask me! They all smelled AMAZING, but I think our personal favorite was the “Stargazer” scent.

The final activity was all about sound as we answered a series of relationship questions. This is a great activity to end with because it helps you and your partner to open up to each other and talk about some great memories and see how you see one another through each other’s eyes.

As always these Date Night In Boxes are great for those who are in need of a date night but don’t want to break the bank, or maybe don’t have time to go out somewhere. To sign up for your own subscription of the Date Night In Box, or perhaps the Kids Night In Box, click HERE!