Date Night In Box: Love At Ease

Date Night In Box: Love At Ease

Both my husband and I work hard, even when we’re not working, we’re working. Whether it be our actual jobs, side hustles (like this blog), taking care of the dog, cleaning the house, or just getting errands done, we are almost always on the go. So when we get a chance to sit back and relax we absolutely love it.

This month’s Date Night In Box fits in with the theme of kicking back and relaxing. The theme is “Love At Ease.”

This month’s box was full of activities that helped us to just relax and enjoy each others company.

For starters, this month’s dinner menu consisted of what we would consider some comfort food, including: buttermilk pancakes with cinnamon apple topping, sage and garlic breakfast sausage and cinnamon and maple creamer for your coffee or tea.

While enjoying your breakfast for dinner, you can take the time to go through the table talk topics with your loved one, which consist of topics concerning rest. Something that we all need, no matter how much we may deny ourselves of it sometimes.


Date Night In Box: Love At Ease


After dinner you can kick off your date night activities with a game of Easy Rollin’ a simple dice game that allows you to wind down while you play it.

Follow that with a sip & savor taste test of different coffees and teas that are included in the box. You can consider this dessert, but with a twist!

While you enjoy your different coffees and teas, check out the date night guide for a great crossword puzzle that you can work with your significant other to complete.

And finally, end your date night with some couples yoga. While yoga may seem like work at first, it is in fact a great way to calm not only your body, but your mind. And what better way to do that than with your loved one by your side. The box includes cards that will walk you through different poses to help you complete your yoga session. While doing so you can reflect on your date night and what you love about your significant other.

All in all, this month’s Date Night In Box was another successful one!

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