Date Night In Box: Key To My Heart


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Another month means another Date Night In Box! The best part about these boxes is that it doesn’t require you to dress up or go out anywhere, which has been great for me, especially this month because I’ve been sick, so this has served as a great way to still be able to have a date night!

This month’s theme was “Key To My Heart” and not only did it allow for you and your significant other to dig a little deeper into each others heart, but it also taught a lot about heart health as well!

The booklet included in the box this month had all the great stuff it normally has; recipes, table talk topics, activities, etc. but it also talked about the importance of heart health and different things you can do to improve your heart health. Did you know there are things that you and your partner can actually do together that can help you take care of your heart? Those things include cooking together and couples yoga among other things!

This month’s included snack is chocolate and strawberry crepes! The snack is perfect to enjoy while writing each other a love letter on the paper included in the box, the booklet even provides some writing prompts, like your biggest adventure together, or what you hope to accomplish together in the future. Once you’re finished writing your letters, you can save them to open up later. In the meantime, you can partake in the box’s other activities!

The big activity involved in this month’s box is a twist on the popular trend of escape rooms! You are given a prompt that the adventure is based on and you must work together to decode different “keys” to find the end of your love story.




The extra activity included in the box is the Parisian Password Game. To play this game all you have to do is use the cards provided in the box and give hints to your partner to try and get them to guess the password that is written on your card. This is another game that will allow you to work together to help each other find the answers.

The best part about these boxes is that the activities allow you and your partner to work together and deepen the bond of your relationship!

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