Date Night In Box: Island Adventure


Another month means another Date Night In Box! This month’s theme tied up perfectly with the end of summer — Island Adventure!

I know I’ve mentioned this countless times before, but summer is my favorite season of the year. I love the beach and the warm weather and vacationing, which I suppose is one of the reasons I loved the theme of this box so much!

This month’s box was full of great activities including sea shell candle making, a message in a bottle and a number of island games!

As with every month’s box, this one had a recipe card to help you put together a dinner menu for your date night. This month’s card had some great island themed recipes, including: Island Mango Salsa, Grilled Fish tacos, Coconut Macaroons and a Beach Breeze Cocktail or Mocktail. So delicious!

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My favorite part of this box was the sea shell candle making. I am obsessed with candles, and being able to make a candle for my husband and myself to enjoy was so neat.

The island games included in the box were a ton of fun as well. Our personal favorite was titled with “A Matter Of The Body” and required you to aim water guns at teed up ping pong balls to see who could knock down each ball the fastest. My husband and I are very competitive and love playing games that bring out the competition in us (you should see us play Mario Kart!)

In addition to this game, there were a number of other games to play within this months box that allow you to spend time with your significant other and just simply enjoy their company and talking with them.

These boxes are truly such a great way to save money during date night and spending the night inside with your loved one while still being able to participate in fun activities!

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