‘Dream(ing) Together’ with this month’s Date Night In Box!


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you and your significant other have probably found yourselves at a loss with what to do for date night! Sometimes date nights can come far and few between, so making the most of the time you have together is very important. For me and my fiancĂ©, we both work odd hours and sometimes, even though we live in the same house together, we can go a few days at a time without really seeing each other except for in passing.

With that being said, being able to share a date night together is very special to us. Sometimes, we just get bored of the same old dinner date… That’s where Date Night In Boxes come into play!

Night In Boxes is a great subscription box service that will deliver your own special date night, right to your door!

The way the service works is great. When you receive your “order shipped” confirmation in your email, you’ll also receive links to build your own personal music playlist to play for your date night, as well as a personal invite to send your significant other in preparation for the special night!

This month’s date night theme is Dream Together! Our Dream Together box included so many fun things that allowed the two of us to connect in a way that we wouldn’t have thought of on any other date night!

Don’t know what kind of meal to make to chow down on during your date night? No worries, the box includes a menu of possible dinner options!

In addition, the box includes a beautifully scented candle to help set the mood, some activities to enjoy with your partner (like playing Scattegories Dreams, or making a dream catcher!), and even a tasty treat to snack on!


All in all, this Dream Together box really allowed us to share our dreams and ambitions with each other, and learn a bit more about one another, even after all of this time.

In addition to the date boxes, Night In Boxes also offers Kids Night In Boxes, filled with activities to keep your little ones entertained on a rainy night!

*Should you choose to subscribe for Date Night In Boxes using the above link, I may receive a small commission.*


What’s your favorite thing to do for date night? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments!