Date Night In Box: Dine & Dance

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This month’s Date Night In box is perfect for all those pizza loving couples out there!

This month’s theme was Dine & Dance. It gave us the perfect opportunity to light some candles in the backyard, sit on our patio and enjoy the final product of this month’s big activity!

We didn’t spend our night indoors, but if we had, the box included some amazing smelling room spray to help set the mood! & As always, it’s best to create a music playlist to help liven the night!

This month’s box was a little different, instead of having a recipe to make dinner before your date night, making dinner is one of the activities of this date night!

Included in the box was a kit to make our own pizza! If you want to enhance your pizza-making, the included recipe card tells you different ways to do so!

While enjoying your homemade pizza, you and your partner can play the 30 second date dash game! My husband and I loved this game! Naturally, his first answer to a dream date location was a Phillies game.



Once dinner is out of the way, this is the perfect opportunity to dance the night away with your partner. Even if dancing really isn’t your thing, it gives you the opportunity to have fun and do something a little different with your loved one. No one said you have to be a Dancing With The Stars winner!

All in all, we really enjoyed this date night and our delicious pizza! We always love trying something new, and we absolutely love doing things that we wouldn’t necessarily think to do on our own!

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