Comparing All Three December 2021 Boxycharm Boxes!

Comparing All Three December 2021 Boxycharm Boxes!

It’s December, which means it is the last Boxycharm box of the year! You guessed it, today we’re talking about the December 2021 Boxycharm boxes!

As it turns out, December is actually a Boxycharm Luxe box month – which means for those who subscribe to the quarterly Luxe box, this is the month they’ll receive their box!

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As always, I’m so incredibly grateful to Boxycharm for sending over these boxes to share with you all.

This month, I was truly blown away by all three December 2021 Boxycharm boxes.

The base, premium, and luxe boxes all had incredible products inside, and the value of each box was probably the highest I’ve ever received before.

Not sure if this was due to it being the holidays, or if this is something we can expect from here on out, but in either case, it made me extremely excited about this month’s boxes!

To see what products were inside each of the December 2021 Boxycharm boxes, check out the YouTube video below:



All in all, I am super excited about all of the products in this month’s boxes. I was totally shocked to see the high value of each box.

Whether these high value boxes are for the holiday season, or something we can expect from future boxes is yet to be determined.

For those interested in subscribing to one of (or all of) the Boxycharm boxes, Boxycharm lays out a great comparison of each box to help you decide which box to subscribe to. All you have to do is visit their website HERE. (Pro tip: You can subscribe to two or more boxes and rest assured that you’ll receive different products in each box)


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