Children’s fashion trends for spring weather

Post by: Alex Berger

Fashion doesn’t start at a certain age – there are fashion trends for all ages and all genders. One of the sweetest children’s fashion trends that I have been watching closely lately is baby fashion trends – specifically for spring weather. I think it is adorable seeing all of the babies dressed up in their best clothing. If you have a baby or if you are buying for a birthday party or baby shower, check out these baby fashion trends for spring 2020:

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Pops of Bright Colors

Pops of bright colors like neon shoes or bright sunglasses are definitely a baby fashion trend this upcoming spring…and summer…and probably fall and winter, as well. While neutral colors are definitely still in, I see more and more color on the streets as of late. I have a feeling that after these lockdowns get lifted, people are going to want to show off even more color to boost moods. That is just an inkling, though! You can do this while still looking very classy. Instead of going for neon colors, maybe consider pastels. These are still extremely colorful, but also really trendy. Think Lilly Pulitzer colorful – classy, colorful, and long-lasting.

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Bows For Girls

Have bows for girls ever gone out of style? I don’t think so. But, either way, bows for girls is definitely something to talk about because I feel like they are more ‘in’ than ever. And I’m not just talking about the small tiny bows (even if these are in, as well). I’m talking about the huge, larger than the kids face type of bows. I’m not sure that I understand this trend, but either way, it’s in and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you have a baby girl, get your bow stash ready!


Animal Prints

This is another one that has been in style for a long time – animal prints! Animal print on clothes will become even more popular thanks to Joe Exotic. Everyone is going nuts for animal print now. Instead of going for the typical leopard prints, get creative and switch it up. There’s nothing wrong with a good leopard print here and there, though!


Suspenders For Boys

I absolutely love this trend and think that it is adorable when baby boys match with their dads when going to church or weddings, or to another event. Suspenders for boys is a trend that has come back within the past 5-10 years or so and I do not see it going away anytime soon.


Different Hems

Asymmetric and other different hems are definitely in this year and we saw it a bit last year, as well. Baby Couture says, “The last year has seen a diversity of sleeve patterns in baby clothes. Be it cold shoulders or bell sleeves, you may have seen all in online kids’ clothing stores. While these kids’ fashion trends are still prevalent, asymmetric hems are something that you may experience a lot this year.  


Be it frocks or gowns; uneven hems give a trendy touch to every outfit. A high low party wear dress is a perfect example of this. Further, you can even see this style in kids’ jeans these days. Therefore, make sure to incorporate some similar outfit options in your baby girls’ wardrobe. 


Furthermore, this trend is apt for little boys, as well. You can readily find clothes in such a pattern. Also, this trend is more prevalent in ethnic wear for boys. Kurtas, with such a hemline, is sure to make your boy look like a rockstar.”


High-Quality Brands

A lot of people used to buy the cheapest brands that they could find because kids grow so quickly, but more and more people are choosing high-quality, timeless brands. I love this because when you and your children look back on their baby photos, you want them to look good. A great place to find high-quality baby clothes is a local NJ-based baby boutique called By George Baby. They offer timeless clothing styles for children ages newborn to six years old. They focus on trusted, luxury brand names such as The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Kissy Kiss, Bella Bliss, and more. They offer items such as: Layette options for boys and girls. One or two pieces. Boy and Girl options for Fall/Winter, Sweaters, Pajamas, Blankets & Accessories, Jackets & Coats, and Little Girls Dresses. Popular Christening outfits, baby girl dresses in NJ and gifts. Right now, they are offering 20% off with code ‘Spring’, so be sure to check them out ASAP!

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