Foundation Of Love

Building a ‘Foundation of Love’ with this month’s Date Night In Box


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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you guys the first Date Night In Box of the 2019 year! This month’s theme is “Foundation of Love,” which if you ask me, is a perfect theme  for the first month of the year! A new year means new beginnings, and what better time to build on your relationship!

Before I begin telling you about the box itself, I wanted to share this quote that was written on the inside of the booklet that you receive in each box…

“A great relationship doesn’t happen only because of the love you have in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end.” -Unknown

I think this quote is so important to remember, and it ties in so well with the box’s theme.  Relationships, especially those that turn into marriages, take work and perseverance. We all know things aren’t always easy, but working to build each other up is what it is all about. So yes, it takes work, but that work is so worth it.

Now, onto the box…

My fiancé and I have always been creative people, him with his music and me with photography and writing, so we were SO fond of this month’s box! This month’s box allowed us to work together and use our creativity to build something awesome.




This month’s main activity was split up into three challenges, all of which required you to work with your partner to build something.

The first of the three challenges required you to use the included popsicle sticks and a pen to build a structure to surround the candle given. On each popsicle stick, we were to write an example of what makes the foundation of our relationship — for example, different aspects, traits or experiences that have made us stronger.

The second challenge was to create a platform to place a box on using nothing but toothpicks and jelly beans! The goal was to create a structure strong enough to hold the box, and its important to hold together because it will be used later on.

The third challenge is to build the tallest structure you possibly can using straws and tape. The goal is to be able to rest a single jelly bean securely on top of your structure!

Finally, the ultimate goal was to take the structure we made during challenge two, and use it as the foundation for the box, as well as your tall structure from challenge three, with your jelly bean still on top!

If the challenge itself isn’t enough to motivate you and your partner, you should know that Date Night In Boxes is offering a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot for whoever builds the tallest structure! All you have to do is record the height of your structure with the measuring tape given to you, take a picture of your structure and send it to Date Night In Boxes!

If you and your partner like to build things (or love a good challenge), this month’s box is perfect for you!

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