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Blvck Paris Launches New Collection That Is Far From Basic

blvck paris

French lifestyle luxury label Blvck Paris recently launched a new line of unique streetwear, along with some leather goods and unique accessories.

The line of black items is, truly, anything but boring. The line features eight variations of a stylish, but comfortable, unisex hoodie, including a velvet hoodie and a sleek monogram hoodie. The collection also features sophisticated artwork on the clothing items, such as a skull on the back of a sweater and dark roses down a sweatpants leg.

Julian O’Hayon, designer of Blvck Paris, says, “I have always had an obsession with the color ‘black’ and used it to apply my personal stamp to everyday household items. For example, I once turned a bag of M&M’s all black and posted the result on Instagram. The image, and others like it, quickly went viral and spurred on an influx of international followers, especially from the US and Asia. I knew then that I had a concept I could and should explore further.”

Following the brand’s successful launch in 2017, O’Hayon decided to expand the brand to include not just clothing, but all-black lifestyle items as well. “Every season we will release some very unexpected items, ones you didn’t know you needed until you see them,” O’Hayon says.

Black Paris opened its first store in Asia this summer. The shop showcased the label’s monochrome aesthetic throughout not just the interiors and merchandising of the store, but also through some unique additions such as black ice cream, a coffee corner and a limited edition 3-foot Blvck Teddy bear.

Riding the momentum of success, Blvck Paris has no plans of slowing down or stopping any time soon, “In 2021, we aim to launch our home collection and we are currently exploring opportunities to open stores in the US with the first flagship being in Los Angeles as we already have a well-established audience in California,” O’Hayon says.

To check out the new line, which is available for purchase, visit the Blvck Paris website.


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