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August 2021 Boxycharm Box: Comparing The Base & Premium Boxes

It’s that time of month again! The time where we unbox the latest Boxycharm subscription box! This month we’re (obviously) unboxing the August 2021 Boxycharm boxes.

Yes, I said boxes plural, because this month Boxycharm sent over both boxes, so we’re going to unbox and compare both the base box and the premium box.

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So, to give you a bit of background if you’re unfamiliar with Boxycharm, it is a monthly/quarterly (depending on the tier you subscribe to) beauty subscription box. I’ve received tons of amazing skincare and makeup products through these boxes from brands that I love, brands that I’ve always wanted to try, and even brands that I have never heard of before but have begun to love after discovering them through these boxes!

There are three tiers of Boxycharm boxes:

The Base Box, which is a monthly box that runs for $25 a month, contains five products inside and has an average value of over $175. With this box, you’ll be able to choose one item out of a selection that is guaranteed to be in your box.

Next, there is the Premium Box, which is a monthly box that runs for $35 a month, contains six products and has an average value of over $215. With this box, you’ll be able to choose two items out of a selection that are guaranteed to be included in your box.

Lastly, there is the Luxe Box. This box differs from the first two in a couple of ways. First, this box is not a monthly box, but rather a quarterly box, so you’ll get it once per season. Additionally, rather than just beauty products in this box, you may receive some lifestyle products as well! This box contains eight or more products inside, and has an average value of over $395. This box runs at $49.99 a quarter. With this box you’ll be able to choose up to two items from a selection to guarantee them for your box.

The best thing about these boxes, is if you can’t decide on just one to choose from, you can subscribe to two or all three of them, and you’ll never receive the same products in each box. You’ll always get different products and brands in each!

As far as the August 2021 Boxycharm boxes go, check out my latest YouTube video for a full unboxing. (Be sure to subscribe to my channel while you’re there!)

While there was a variety of products, both August 2021 Boxycharm boxes seemed to have a heavy focus on skincare, which personally speaking, I am more than okay with because I love trying out new skincare. Though it felt like the base box had more of an even selection of both makeup and skincare.

It was nice to discover a ton of different brands that I either hadn’t heard of before, or had never tried before, in this month’s boxes, and I’m super excited to try them all out!

As far as value for this month’s boxes, the base box came out to a value of $160.98 and the premium box came out to a value of $225.00, making both boxes well worth the money you pay for the subscription!

If you’re interested in signing up and subscribing to Boxycharm yourself, visit their website HERE.


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