Are Beauty & Longevity Connected?

Most of us know what the art of ‘beauty’ entails. It’s not in looking picture-perfect or racking up millions of likes on Instagram based on how good looking you are, it’s in using products or techniques to help you express yourself more readily and look as amazing as you feel on the inside. 

Longevity is a term starting to circulate in many areas online, referring to the science of aging, of preserving ourselves over time, and in potentially expanding our lifespan in a healthy manner. But to what degree are the two of these connected, and could potentially focusing on the latter as not only a supplement to, but an engine of the latter make a big difference in how we look and feel over time?

Of course – aging gracefully, however you choose to do that, is crucial for us to look and feel great as the years pass. But it might be worth thinking of how these longevity exercises can have such an effect. In this post, we’ll discuss how that can be the case by offering advice to leverage this new focus:


Yearly Maintenance

Regular, scheduled ‘maintenance’ of our bodies and beauty can aid in how we look, of course. Some people have a regimented skincare process that not only helps them heal their skin, but allows it to become softer, to ward off unwanted microbes, and to help prevent the signs of aging like wrinkles, etc. The same can go for more professional help, like that afforded to us by a local dentist. Physical therapy can help us retain our mobility, while regular stretching or activities like yoga can make a big chance, too. It turns out that the more you care for yourself, the better a canvas you have for any beauty treatments you enjoy.


Conforming To Your Needs

What is beauty if not a way of expressing yourself how you’d like to be, and how you’d like to be seen? Could the same be said for health upkeep? Of course. The healthy diet you try, as well as the exercises you keep up on can be entirely decided by you. It might be that you’d prefer to swim as a means of exercising without harming your joints, also gleaning the effect of this on your skin as well as contributing to uniform muscle and strength development. As you can see, just as beauty is customizable, self-care and longevity is too.


Rest As Fitness

It’s very easy to think of self-care and worth as getting out there and working out as hard as you can for as long as you can, but scientists are starting to show that actually, rest as fitness can be key towards a healthy, long life. This means that getting worthwhile sleep and making sure you stay consistent with your hours of rest, as well as stretching, making sure that you relieve your stress through meditation or just long soaks in the bath – this is all tantamount of self-care, and as such, it can increase your longevity. We all know why ‘beauty sleep’ is a popular phrase, because in order to look our best, we need to feel our best, which means which need to take a load off when necessary. This combination of factors can make a tremendous difference in our wellbeing.


With this advice, you’ll find that looking good is tantamount to feeling good – always.


*Collaborative Post