Aly and AJ Potential Breakup Song

Aly and AJ Release Explicit Version of “Potential Breakup Song”

Sister duo Aly and AJ have blessed us all with the best new year’s gift to kiss this dreaded year goodbye.

And for those of us who grew up listening to Aly and AJ and watching them on the Disney Channel, this gift is just THAT much better.

Yes, I am talking about their release of the explicit version of “Potential Breakup Song”. That’s right, we are no longer saying “stupid birthday”!

Could this new release be due to the fact that “Potential Breakup Song” has become super popular on TikTok over the past couple of months? Perhaps.

But in any case, I think I can speak for us all, this version of the song was much needed and we all are grateful to be blessed with it.

If you haven’t yet listened to the track, you can do so here:


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