Fall Trends Fashion Editors Are Keeping Their Eye On

7 Fall Fashion Trends Fashion Editors Have Their Eye On

A new season means new fashion trends, and this year, designers and retailers are on top of their game when it comes to fall fashion trends.

This past year, between the pandemic and the rise of TikTok, fashion and style has evolved in ways that it likely wouldn’t have before.

It seems as though more and more people are using personal style and fashion as a way to express themselves. We’re seeing this the most through fashion TikTok, where feeds are full of ways to style different pieces, handmade fashion, unique pieces from small businesses, etc.

This shift of personal style has been amazing, and quite inspiring, to see.

So, with the new season coming up, we’ve done some deep dives into runway shows, checked out designer and retailer social media accounts and websites, and read tons of articles from fashion editors all across the industry to get to the bottom of what fall fashion trends we should be keeping an eye out for this upcoming season.

Some of these trends have carried over from previous seasons, while others are just now on the rise. All in all, these are trends that you can see being talked about by magazines, adopted by celebrities and influencers, and even on display through street style.

Without further blabbing, here are some fall fashion trends to keep an eye out for this season.

90s Comeback

With the resurgence in popular of the hit tv sitcom Friends, many people have been admiring and recreating the iconic outfits from the series. Is this the sole reason for the revival of 90s fashion? Probably not. But it most definitely has contributed.

In previous seasons, we’ve seen the 90s fashion slowly make a comeback, with pieces of clothing and accessories that were once popular in the 90s being sprinkled into outfits here and there.

However, it seems as though we are seeing more and more full 90s-esque outfits appearing.




From small, baguette purses, with butterfly and claw clips, to grungier looks with oversized flannels and shirt jackets, dubbed shackets, we wouldn’t blame you if you found yourself confused what decade it is when stepping out the door these days.

Some of these iconic 90s fashion pieces actually will lead us right into the next trend…


Loose Fitting Denim

I know, I know – for many millennials, this one can be tough. Those skinny jeans are really just something hard to let go of. They’ve always been there for us when we’ve needed to put together a quick and easy outfit.

Good news, there’s so many different types of denim out there nowadays, that you’ll absolutely find a pair you love! Also, who says you have to nix the skinny jeans completely? They’re always good to save for a rainy day, or a business casual work event.

The rise of looser fitting denim can be tied in with the comeback of 90s fashion, for as we all know, baggier denim was a hit back in the pre-millenium days.

There’s tons of different styles of denim out there now – mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide leg jeans, bootcut, flare, you name it. And believe it or not, sometimes the baggier pair of jeans are just way more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans – and that’s the cold, honest truth.

If you’re unsure of how to style a pair of baggier jeans, just head over to TikTok – there’s endless videos there on how to style jeans!


Lavender & Sage Green

Remember back in spring of 2020 when tie dye was all the rage? Seriously, you could find tie dye anything and everything from any retailer, ever. It’s unclear whether the pandemic and the surge of loungewear were the reason for this tie dye trend – not to mention all the people who began doing their own tie dye and bleach dye – but in any case, it was a really popular trend, for what seemed like a really long time.

Well, things have evolved since then, and fashion has moved onto new colors to be infatuated over. Now, we’re seeing lots of lavender and sage green out there. Two very beautiful, soft colors.




These colors have been around for quite a few seasons, with their popularity only increasing. These colors aren’t just popular when it comes to clothing, but they’re also very big in the wedding industry right now as well, and even in some home products – but for all intents and purposes, we’re focusing on fashion.

There’s lots of great things about these colors – they’re pastel, they’re soft, they’re beautiful and they’re great transition colors for anyone who is looking to move away from neutrals to opt for something more colorful.

You can wear them as a pop of color to your outfit, or even as a full monochrome outfit, and you’ll look killer either way!


No, we’re not talking about those tiny cropped vests that were popular during Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boi era.

There’s actual a wide array of different types of vests out there that are considered quite trendy – puffer vests, sherpa vests, tailored vests, suit vests. But there is one type of vest that stands out from the rest, and that is sweater vests.

For those thrifty, street style readers, you know exactly what we’re talking about.




If you frequent the thrift store, you’ll likely notice that there’s often vintage-y looking sweater vests there that someones grandparent probably wore back in the day, and as it turns out, these types of sweater vests are in!

They’ve been styled in so many different ways it seems, with one popular style being to pair it with baggy jeans and some white sneakers.

Though it isn’t a trend that we could foresee becoming as popular as it has, it is cute when styled the right way, nonetheless.


Cow Print

While it hasn’t yet reached it’s peak, it seems as though cow print is definitely a trend we have to keep an eye out for this upcoming season.

It’s about time a new animal print arrived on the scene. Leopard and cheetah print have always been at the forefront of the animal print trend, with tiger print making appearances here and there, and snake print rising in popularity the last few years, but there is just something about this cow print that is super trendy and chic.

For those who fear cow print will make them look like they should belong in a 1950s western film, fear not. For there is in fact ways to style the cow print so that you don’t look like you should be gearing up for a horseback journey.



If you’re someone who wants to move away from solid colors, but find many patterns overwhelming, cow print may actually be the pattern for you, as it is a bit more subtle than other patterns out there. You can add it to your wardrobe as accents here and there, unless you’re confident to pull off bigger cow print pieces – like pants! (Which by the way, some people look super cute in!)


Bold & Vibrant Colors

Often times when we think about bright colors, we think about the summer and the vibrant, colorful sundresses, t-shirts, rompers and shorts that come with it. Then we tend to think of fall as the time for more muted, neutral colors.

Well, designers and retailers are on a mission to change that this season. A lot of runway shows featured bright pieces this season, that wouldn’t typically be a trend for fall – until now.



While we can save the bright sundresses and rompers for summer, we can carry those colors into fall for big chunky colorful knits and even vibrant suits that’ll have you standing out in style.

Who knows, maybe these colorful pieces will help chase away the winter blues, too!



Finally, the last trend is one that has been around here and there for quite some time, but has seemingly become increasingly popular among the younger crowd. The trend we’re referring to? Cutouts.

While many people are a fan of the cold shoulder look here and there, many retailers and fashion houses are taking cutouts to a new level. Many pieces are designed to show off more skin, while still remaining tasteful.

These cutouts aren’t reserved for your run of the mill distressed denim or just your off the shoulder top, we’re seeing cutouts on tons of things nowadays – dresses, skirts, blouses, you name it.

And if you’re wondering just how you can show off more skin with cutouts in the colder months, what it comes down to is how you style it. After all, the beauty of the fall season is the fact that we can layer!



So, these are just a handful of the fall fashion trends that fashion editors have been keeping their eye on for the upcoming season.

Would you try out any of these trends? Or perhaps you are already? Whether you love them or hate them, we want to know your thoughts! Leave a comment, or even head over to the Smart Style Society Facebook group, brought to you by Unbreakable Bliss to talk with other fashion lovers about these trends and more!


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