St. Patrick's Day At Home

7 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Home

St. Patrick's Day At Home

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up quick, can you believe it?

I know, I know, another holiday spent in quarantine. It’s unfortunate, but there are still ways we can have fun!

When we typically look at St. Patrick’s Day we think about going out to bars and drinking and partying. However, there are still tons of other ways we can ¬†celebrate the holiday in a safe way!

So today, we are sharing ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th from home!

Cook An Irish Dinner

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish heritage, so why not cook a nice Irish meal? Not only are there tons of dishes and recipes to recreate, such as Corn Beef and Cabbage or Shepherd’s Pie, but if this isn’t something you normally would cook or eat, it’s also a great way to expand your horizons! Delish actually has a great list of 65 Traditional Irish Dishes you can cook!


Make Some Green Drinks

If you’re one of the people who wait all year for McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, this one is for you! If you consider yourself on the crafty side, why not try and make some green drinks! They can be sweet drinks like the Shamrock Shake, something healthy like a kale smoothie or juice, or even something like a green beer or cocktail! The internet is FULL of different recipes for different types of green drinks.


Decorate Your Home With St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

If you can’t visit the crowd-filled, decorated bars and restaurants this year, why not bring the party to your own home! Fill your house with green with some super cute St. Patrick’s Day decorations. The best part about this is that you can decorate it to fit your own taste with as much (or as little) green as you’d like!


Wear Some St. Patrick’s Day Green

Even something as simple as wearing some green can help you to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! So many retailers have super cute St. Patrick’s Day graphic tees, but if that’s not your taste, no worries! You can always wear your favorite green sweater!


Put Together Your Own Flight Of Beer Tastings

If you really, truly, look forward to St. Patrick’s Day for the beer – you can always put together your own beer flights at home! Depending on where you live, a lot of state or liquor stores allow you to “Create Your Own” 6-pack of craft beers. If you know of a store that allows you to do this, go and grab a number of beers you’ve never tried before, and do a tasting! You may even find your new favorite beer!


Watch A St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Film

Yes, you heard me right. Christmas and Halloween aren’t the only holidays that have movies! Believe it or not, there are some St. Patrick’s Day inspired movies out there that can help you get in the Irish spirit. This list of 21 St. Patrick’s Day Movies from Woman’s Day has tons of movies for you to choose from! (Remember “Luck of the Irish” anyone?)


Jam Out To Some Irish Tunes

Of course you need something to listen to while you’re cooking your Irish meal, or pouring your flight of beers – so why not turn up some music perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. I’m talking about some Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and the like. Billboard has a list of the 25 Most Popular Songs on St. Patrick’s Day you can check out!


Hopefully these ideas help you kick start your St. Patrick’s Day celebration at home.

Do you plan on celebrating a certain way? Share with us your plans in the comments!


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