7 Games For Word Nerds (That Aren’t Wordle)

Wordle is the latest game to take over the internet. The browser-based word puzzle game challenges players to guess a different word once per day in six tries. It’s definitely worth playing if you haven’t already given it a go. If you’ve already been bitten by the Wordle bug, you may be wondering what other word games there are out there for testing your vocabulary skills. Below are just 7 word games that could be worth trying.



This classic board game challenges players to earn as many points as they can by building words and placing them on particular tiles. It’s a test of both vocabulary and maths skills. You can play scrabble with up to four players. It’s also possible to play scrabble online using the game’s app, allowing you to challenge players all over the world. Scrabble is also available in other languages if you want to test your vocabulary skills in another language (the letters are worth different values in different languages).



Crosswords require players to fill out blank squares with specific words using clues. These games are as much of a test of general knowledge as they are of vocabulary. Many newspapers and magazines contain crosswords. You can also buy puzzle books containing multiple crosswords. There are even sites that offer crosswords subscriptions. These puzzles are typically completed using pen and paper, but there are also apps and websites that allow you to complete crosswords online.



Wordsearches are another traditional pen and paper puzzle. They require players to find words hidden in a grid of letters. Wordsearches are often aimed at kids, but you can find puzzles for adults that spell words backwards and diagonally. You can find wordsearches in most puzzle books. There are also sites that allow you to complete wordsearch puzzles online. 



Wordscapes is an app-based circle-swiping game that requires you to complete crossword-like puzzles by guessing words out of a selection of letters. Each puzzle is accompanied by relaxing music and beautiful landscape backdrops. It’s very therapeutic – and addictive!



Typeshift is another popular app-based word game. Players must solve words by sliding letters in columns next to each other. The goal is to use all the letters to make words (every time a letter is used within a word it turns green – the goal is to turn all the letters green). The game quickly gets challenging. 


Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a popular American game show that involves solving word puzzles and then spinning a wheel to win a prize. Getting on the show is no easy feat, however you can experience the thrill of Wheel of Fortune by playing it as a mobile app. 



Like Wordle, Sweardle requires you to guess a different word every day in six tries, but there’s a twist – all the words are swear words. If you’re looking for a humorous word game and you love Wordle, this could be worth trying.

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