backyard or patio pieces

6 Pieces to Liven Up Your Backyard or Patio

backyard or patio


With the current coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, and world, many people are opting for a staycation rather than a vacation this summer. If you’re one of those people, there are still tons of ways to liven up your backyard or patio to help you feel like you’re on vacation and not in your own yard.

We all want a backyard or patio that we can retreat to for some peace and relaxation. Whether you have lots of land or your patio is on the smaller side, there are tons of pieces out there that can help you turn your plot of land into a little slice of paradise.

So here are a few pieces that you can grab to help put together your backyard getaway.

backyard or patio pieces


  1. Teardrop Patio Chair With Cushions: $399.99
  2. Endless Summer Outdoor 30,000 BTU Propane Gas Fireplace Fire Pit Table: $379.99
  3. 8′ Portland Pergola: $689.99
  4. Krystal Light Brown Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug: $68.99
  5. Ellison 4 Piece Sectional Seating Sofa Set With Cushions: $879.99
  6. Hayley Iron Side Table: $65.99


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