Galentine's Day

5 Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day During Quarantine

Galentine's Day

Who said Valentine’s Day has to be exclusively for couples? That’s why Galentine’s Day was created!

Galentine’s is the “holiday” meant to show your favorite ladies, or just friends in general, how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them!

With the pandemic and all the restrictions across the country, and world for that matter, it obviously isn’t as easy to spend this time with your friends to celebrate. However, not all is lost! There are still a handful of ways to celebrate the holiday with your friends.

So, grab some wine and get ready, because here are a few ways you can still show your appreciation for your favorite gals this Galentine’s Day.

Throw A Virtual Galentine’s Day Happy Hour

Yes, I know, I’m sure we’re all equally tired of virtual celebrations, but they do give us a chance to see friends and family who we haven’t gotten to seen!

The best thing about hosting a virtual happy hour is that you don’t even have to clean the house! You can still dress up for these virtual events, and if you want to go all out you can even design some digital invitations on Photoshop or Canva to send out to your friends!

Support Small Businesses and Outdoor Dine

I know in many states it is cold right now, but even in the cold states, that I’ve seen at least, restaurants are getting creative with their outdoor dining set ups! So, the cold weather shouldn’t be too much of a concern if you want to get together with some girlfriends and support your favorite restaurants at the same time!

Find An Outdoor Activity To Enjoy

Again, I know this may be difficult with the weather, but even in the cold there are some outdoor things to be able to enjoy – like ice skating, skiing, tubing, etc. There are quite a few fun outdoor activities to take part in, especially if you’re looking to have some adventure or do something other than dine!

Have A Virtual Bake Off Or Other Competition

If you’re looking to do more than just have a virtual celebration with drinks, you can always put a little spin on your virtual hangout, such as hold a bake off or a trivia night! If you want to enjoy some good baked treats, find a recipe you and your friends agree on, and every one can go out and get the ingredients needed and you can each bake while on zoom and see how each of your treats come out!

If cooking or baking isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a trivia or game night instead! Theres actually a number of different games out there that you can play on Zoom with your friends, Good Housekeeping put together a list of Zoom-friendly games!

Throw A Galentine’s Day Virtual Watch Party

What better time to watch chick flicks than Galentine’s Day! And guess what? You can still enjoy those movies with friends over Zoom. So many people have been opting for virtual watch parties lately, and it’s just like watching a movie with your friends right next to you! And you won’t even have to dress up for it – just grab your favorite pajamas, some snacks and a blanket and you are set!

Pro Tip: You can even have a Parks & Rec marathon! After all, Leslie Knope is the CEO of Galentine’s Day.


These are just a few ways that you can celebrate with your friends this Galentine’s Day! If there are any other creative and safe ways you have in mind to celebrate with your friends this year, I’d love to hear them, so leave a comment with your ideas!


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