5 Tips For Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be hectic, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. If you recently accepted a new position, congratulations! I’m sure you are thrilled and I am so excited for you. You want to put your best foot forward on your first day of work, I’m sure, but if you aren’t sure how to do that (I know that nerves can sometimes blur our vision!) here are 5 tips for starting a new job. These should help you get started, without too much stress or worry on your first few weeks. 


Start your morning slow + give yourself more time

This is a great way to get any day started, even if you are not starting a new job, but starting your morning slow and giving yourself more time is especially good when starting a new job because you are probably a basket of nerves and you want to look (and feel) your best! Instead of starting your day in a rush, set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally would, take the time to eat a great breakfast, drink some coffee or tea, hydrate, and do your full morning routine. Take the time to do extras, too! Spend time dreaming about your new potential career (manifest it!), get a workout in, if possible, and do whatever else you need to do to make sure that you are set up for a really great day.

If it’s not possible to have a super slow morning, consider prepping the night before, too. You can set out your clothes, take a shower (so all you have to do is finish your hair + makeup routine in the morning), get your food for the day prepped, and even fill up your gas tank (if needed) before you head out the door.

Needless to say, whatever you need to do to make it possible for your first day at work to be great, get it done!


Connect with your co-workers

If it is possible, connect with your co-workers before your first day of work. That’s obviously not realistic for everyone, though, so if you cannot get together with them beforehand, just make it a priority to connect with them at work, during your first few weeks. This should make a huge difference in your transition into the new company, and hopefully it will make your time at the company much more pleasant, too. 


Dress to impress

I’m always a fan of overdressing, especially when starting a new job. Your first day of work is also your first impression – people will be watching you! While they may not be focusing on your clothes, I can guarantee if you show up in a baseball hat and a cut-off shirt, they will notice. The great news? If you have a job interview, that’s your opportunity to see what people in the workplace are wearing. Now, virtual interviews make this a little more complex, but you still should be able to see some tops when interviewing, which can give you a little perspective. Is it a t-shirt and jeans crowd, or are most wearing polished suits and dresses? If you need to, don’t be shy to ask about the dress code when you get the job. Your hiring manager or HR can definitely help you with that. At the end of the day, you want to be remembered for the work you do, not what you wear, so it really doesn’t matter all that much. But, the general rule of thumb is to dress to impress, and then you can change it up once you get more comfortable, if need be.


Consider your commute time

Okay, so maybe you should have already done this before your first day of work, but the night before (if you haven’t done so already), figure out the logistics of your commute. If you live in NYC and you work in NYC, it’s probably a bit easier: you can more than likely just hop on a train. If you live in NJ and work in NYC, it might become a bit more complicated depending on where you live. Still – the commute could be as easy as just jumping on a train, depending on your location. Sometimes, with a job, it makes more sense to move closer to the business. If this is the case, always check in with your company to see if they offer any form of relocation benefits. This is best done when you are negotiating your role, though! If you do have to move, just make the process easier for yourself: ask about relocation benefits, hire a great moving team with experience when it comes to moving from New Jersey from New York (or vice versa, or just within the city) like Bluebell Relocation Services, and make sure you have a really great organizational system in place, like checklists. Bluebell Relocation Services is a licensed and insured moving company that is local to the tri-state area, and they provide reasonable moving rates, flexible scheduling, prompt and dependable service, and they are AMSA certified moving consultants, too. Starting a new job is hard enough. If you have to move, don’t do it alone.



Figure out what you need for your office

Depending on your position, the office, and your needs, you may or may not need different things for your office. Furniture like a desk, a comfortable chair (a must-have!), and a filing system. Or, you might just need more practical things like an extra computer screen, a mouse pad, and a few other little accessories. The best way to figure this out? Ask before your first day and then see how it plays out over the course of your first week, or month.


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