5 Sweaters you need this fall season


Can you ever really have too many sweaters? The answer to that is NO… of course not! I feel like all I’ve been seeing in my Instagram feed lately is really, super cute sweaters — and it just makes me want to go on a shopping spree. BUT, since I am a responsible human being, with bills to pay and grocery shopping to do… I will not go and spend all my money, but instead I’ve decided to share all the cute sweaters with you!


I’m a real sucker for an oversized sweater, and the stripes on this really just seal the deal for me. You can really style this sweater with just about any type of bottoms, or shoes! Grab this adorable sweater from Red Dressfor $38. P.S. it also comes in other colored stripes!

I know I’ve mentioned it countless times before, but… I love stripes! I mean, just look at the photo at the top of this post! These adorable sweaters are perfect for a cute pair of ripped jeans and booties. Pick these sweaters up from American Eaglefor $44.95.


What’s better than an oversized sweater? An oversized sweater dress! Not only does this look SUPER comfy, but I’m really loving this color! You can grab this cute, fuzzy sweater dress from Lulusfor $61.


It’s not often that I venture out of my color wheel, but I totally would for this sweater! The mustard color is really in as of late, and I think it really bodes well on this plush mock sweater! You can pick up this sweater from Forever 21for $27.90.


I always love dressing up my outfits with cardigans, so when I came across this one of course I was like *heart eyes*! I really love the colors of this cardi, and the block design. You can pick up this adorbs cardigan from The Pink Lily Boutiquefor $64.

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Have you seen or picked up any cute sweaters for the fall season? Where from?!