5 Special Events (And How To Dress For Them)

In the past, dressing up for an event was easy. You just put on your favorite dress, and that was it. 

But today, the landscape is a little more complex than that. And if you have an active social life, you can’t have people seeing you wearing the same thing over and over again. 


College Reunion

From time to time, college friends will attempt to organize a reunion. And, if you haven’t seen people in twenty years, these can be quite nerve-wracking.

The trick here is to remember that most of your classmates won’t actually care how you dress. That means that you have more room to play, even if you have gone up a few dress sizes since your college days. 

What, specifically, should you be wearing? Well, designer labels from discount stores are one option. Try wearing a dress from a line that wasn’t particularly successful. Then pair it with some flats and strut your stuff. Keep it playful. Don’t go too formal or serious. At college reunions, nobody wants to be reminded of how much things have changed. 


Job Interview

Job interviews are notoriously tricky to get right. Plus, it’s not just about what you wear, either. It’s your body language, too. 

Your best bet here is to go for neutral pants and blazer combination. These make it look as though you’re already dressed for work and ready to take the job. Another option is to frame your face with a crisp white shirt or place a blouse underneath your blazer.

If you want to come across as light, easy-going and breezy in your personality, go for a long, colorful dress. 



Figuring out what to wear to concert performances can be challenging. Sure, it’s a formal event, but it’s also a social occasion. 

Your best bet here is to dress according to the type of music being played. If it’s a classical concert, for example, think black tie. Most people will be wearing formal clothing and doing everything that they can to look their best. 

However, if it’s a rock or pop concert, formality is not the aim of the game. Edginess is. Therefore, you’ll want to dress a little more outrageously


Outdoor Parties And Summer Weddings

When the weather is hot, people tend to enjoy more gatherings. However, these events can make it notoriously challenging to know what to wear. That’s because the more skin you show, the higher the risk of sun damage. 

The trick here is to choose elegant dresses with sleeves that cover the shoulders, particularly if you are going to be spending a lot of time outside. Look for options that let air circulate and keep you cool, no matter how much temperature spikes. Floral patterns are a must, particularly at weddings, as are sunglasses and heels. 


Memorials And Funerals

Lastly, memorials and funerals often have specific dress codes. Go for quiet and low-key. Don’t try to make any glaring statements. It’s not the time or place. 

*Collaborative Post