5 Room Revamps In Time For Summer

We are almost there folks if you can believe it – and we know that it is a hard ask in some of the northern states that are still very much in an icy grip of snow and winter wind, but it’s coming and we hope you’re getting excited about it, because for so many fabulous reasons – summer 2022 is going to be the best one we’ve had in years!

Here’s why. First, it’s summer – and that’s awesome. Second, it’s the first real summer we’re going to have in two years. There are virtually no more covid restrictions and there is every chance that by then we may have none at all – again, depending on the state you’re in, and that means – more movement, more parties, more connecting with families and friends, and – the perfect excuse to redecorate!

These are the five rooms and spaces, you should focus on.



Now, as exciting as it is to start looking through style and dècor magazines and websites, just before we let you lose on your homes and spaces, let’s just take a quick minute to get a little bit serious. (Trust us, you’ll thank us for it).

Every serious home improvement project starts with a good plan, and every good plan includes a solid financial plan as well. If you’re choosing to do all five spaces we’re going to be talking about in this post or just a couple of them, you can apply the same logic and you’ll be glad that you did.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to doing any sort of work at home is to take the budget you think you’re going to need – and then double it. That amount is probably more realistic and so for most of us, that’s going to need some planning and saving, and that’s why it’s a fabulous time to start right now. That way you can have a few months to start saving and ensuring that your cash flow won’t be hurt by taking on projects you were not entirely prepared for.

Remember to include your current monthly expenses, where you can save money, and how much you can afford to take out of savings or monthly income during your redecorating project.

Then, figure out what you can do yourself and what you’re going to need a DIY person or contractor for – because this is going to have an impact on your cost and delivery schedule as well – don’t forget these seemingly ‘little’ things – they matter. Aquarelo is useful for understanding color and though not specifically designed for physical design work per se, you’ll be amazed at how much inspiration you’ll get by playing around with palettes and schemes in your apps online – check it out.

Right, now – onto the good stuff!



The heart and soul of every home, your living room is where you connect, chill out, have those über important family discussions (where the next vacation is coming from), and create memories so it’s important to get this room right.

Think rich textures, varied colors, measured lighting, and cool, clean lines that accentuate the available space you do have instead of ‘aspirational’ furniture and accessories that hope for space you don’t. You’ll find some wonderful ideas right here.



Those awesome summertime salads and fresh, great-tasting meals are not going to prepare themselves, and if you’re going to create culinary treasures – you need somewhere to do it. Your kitchen is most likely where much of your spending is going to be directed because you want great fittings, the latest and most energy-efficient appliances, awesome work surfaces, and great-looking splashes.

Remember (and this is something of a golden rule): we all want to think that we’re Gordon Ramsey, precious few of us actually are – so plan your kitchen accessories according to what you can do now, not what you wish you could.



Ahhhhhhh now we’re talking. Long, lazy, languid summer days spent outside soaking up the sun next to the pool if you have one, and even just letting the grass grow beneath you if you don’t. Transforming your outdoor space into an outdoor haven is easier than you think. Think of your garden as it currently is, then remove all the clutter, all the old and unused furniture and storage spaces, and start with a blank canvas.

Now, visualize pathways, gazebos, patio furniture, an updated shed or greenhouse, a sharp manicured lawn, flowers, shrubs, indigenous plants, and trees – you’ll find plenty of inspiration online and our favorite part of creating the perfect garden, is that it doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and so you can enjoy every minute of it. 



Did we say bathroom? We meant to say SPA-room. We have to move away from the thinking that the bathroom is simply a space to ‘bathe’ and do that ‘other’ business. Bathing literally cleanses our bodies and washes away the dirt and grime of the day, and if you allow these spaces to do what they could do, it will work for you mentally as well. Installing LED lighting as a ‘starlight ceiling’ instead of harsh, bright lights will work wonders, as will color LED lighting in your shower. If you’re really committed, take out your bathtub completely and instead, rearrange your space and install a double volume shower with a sauna.



So you’ve just had an amazing experience in your bathroom, and it’s time to tuck in for the night – nothing will kill your post-spa buzz faster than a boring old bedroom with tired and boring colors, rough textures, old frumpy pillows, and terribly outdated mattresses. While you’re doing your financial planning, work in new beds if you need them, top-quality linens and blankets, duvets, pillows, headboards, and soft, crisp inners that give you that ‘hotel’ experience. Remember, we’re heading into summer so keep your linens and throws light and fresh.



Far too many of us don’t give the front of our homes the love and attention they deserve and depending on the size and space available, you could be missing out big time. Clean, weed-free lawns and flower bushes, tight, well-maintained walkways, and edges are essential, and get that paint job done! You’ll thank us when it’s time to list.


*Collaborative Post