5 Pieces To Transition To Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is just around the corner, which means we will all soon be transitioning to our spring wardrobe!

We’re just a few weeks away from that confusing weather that makes dressing for the day so difficult. You know, the winter at 8 a.m. and summer at 2 p.m. weather!

Now is the time to prepare your wardrobe for this transitional period and take note of those versatile pieces that you can benefit from in both the colder and warmer weather.

Here are a few pieces from my own wardrobe that I plan on utilizing during these transitional periods in the weather! (Watch the video above to see how I styled each of these pieces!)

Long Sleeve Dresses

The first piece that is great for your wardrobe during these periods is long sleeve dresses. There are a ton of different types of long sleeve dresses for all types of occasions that you can fit into your wardrobe. They can often be paired with boots to help cover your legs or, depending on the dress, a pair of flats, sandals or sneakers to fit the warmer weather.


A piece that I recently added to my wardrobe that can definitely work for this transition period is kimonos! I feel like kimonos are a piece that not many people may think about, but they can prove to be very versatile when it comes to styling. You can style a kimono with a long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt or tank top with a pair of jeans or shorts. You can also pair it with a dress or a skirt and shirt. The options for kimono styling are really endless!

Light Jackets

This is the most opportune time of year to pull out those light jackets! Light jackets are such a great piece to have because they can keep you warm when it’s a bit chilly, but they are something you can just take off when it gets warmer!

Cute Sweatshirts

If you’re the type of person that absolutely refuses to wear jackets, you can always opt for a cute sweatshirt! So many retailers offer cute crew necks and hoodies now a days with cute patterns or graphics on them. Some of my favorite sweatshirts come from Aerie! I never leave there without one, and they work for so many different outfits! Sweatshirts are my go to when it comes to running errands or just hanging out. They’re cute and comfy!

Light Layering

This last one is more of a way to style your clothes than a particular piece, but light layering can help you stay comfy, cute and warm (or cool) for sure! You can always take off layers if you begin to get warm, but they’re there if you are cold! My favorite way to layer is a tank top underneath whatever kind of shirt I am wearing and layering it with a cardigan or light sweatshirt, depending on the outfit!


There are all types of ways to transition your wardrobe over to spring this year. For more pieces to help you transition your wardrobe, be sure to follow me on Instagram and the LIKEtoKNOW.it app, where you can even shop those pieces!

What pieces do you keep in your wardrobe during this transitional period? Let me know!

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