4 Simple Ways To Remain Stylish This Winter

Your health, especially during winter, is crucial.  And it starts with doing everything you can to maintain your body heat. Areas such as the head, which is debated to lose 40 – 50% of body heat, should be protected at all costs. Fortunately, there are many clothes designed for this season of the year. And while the primary focus should be on your well-being, you can still put in a little effort to remain stylish. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Repurpose Warm-Weather Clothes

Admittedly, warm-weather clothes are lighter and airy to allow the wearer to feel comfortable during the hot months. Fortunately, these can be repurposed as long as you know what to do. For example, a slip dress may not exactly be ideal for wearing during winter. However, it can be paired up with thicker inner apparel like a turtle neck long-sleeved blouse. After that, you can match the clothing ensemble with knee-high winter boots.

The idea here is to continue wearing your favorite summer clothes with a bit of a stylish winter twist. As long as you get the pairing right and your inner layer is thick enough to protect you from the chilly weather, you are good to go. Remember that your warmth at this time of the year is necessary for your attempt to look stylish. 


Invest In Wool For Your Inner Layers And Footwear

Well, not everybody likes wool, particularly for those who have skin sensitivity to this material. In that case, a better option with a woolly feel is cashmere or merino. Wool, cashmere, and merino can keep you feeling comfortably warm and dry all day. It sucks away moisture from your body without making you feel chilly. Also known as moisture-wicking fabrics, they can be excellent when used as base layers. Even with your winter footwear, wool can be an essential commodity. For instance, indoor wool slippers can provide warmth and comfort.

Wool, cashmere, and merino make the ultimate winter inner clothing for many stylish personalities in the fashion industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that several luxury clothing brands make maximum use of these fabrics in their winter collections. Moreover, because of their versatility, they are excellent for office wear, formal events, etc. 


Wear A Statement Coat Over Your Winter Apparel

The exciting thing about statement coats is their ability to add vibrancy to any clothing choice. Again, statement winter coats come in various colors that make them very different from regular and neutral-looking ones. Thankfully, you will find many within a broad budget spectrum that people can afford. Indeed, the winter coat brand you go in for will determine how much you will pay.


Play Around With Texture

There’s no arguing that winter is usually drab and quite gloomy because of its impact on environmental temperature. However, you can spice up your mood by mixing textures into your look. For example, leather pants against ribbed cardigans and a quilted scarf can complete an exciting winter fashion look. Admittedly, few people successfully mix the textures, but your guiding principle can be using contrasting textures.

Winter is just another season, and you have the choice to keep looking stylish all through the chilly period. You don’t need to look like you’re clothed in layers of drab blankets!