4 Great Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

When a relationship is new, it can be quite exciting. And because this excitement seems effortless in the beginning, it can often feel like you’re falling out of love with the person when the excitement wanes. 

But before you give up on that relationship and go after the next shiny new relationship, you need to understand that the excitement you’ll feel in the new relationship will wane too. The reality is that relationships aren’t meant to remain in that state of initial excitement –there’s only so much stimulation that the brain can handle. 

You’re meant to transcend that and move on to the next phase, which can seem boring in comparison to the initial phase. In this article, you’ll learn a few things that you can try to keep your relationship exciting.


Keep Things Interesting

One of the reasons why relationships seem to lose their luster is that the activities become routine. While hanging out at each other’s place is great, you should switch things up. 

Go do something fun as frequently as possible. Go to the new bar, check out the new joint, try the new food place, go see the new spot that just opened up in your city, go to the beach every once in a while… just go try different things together and do something new frequently. 


Go on Dates Regularly

When was the last time you both dressed up and went for a date? If it’s been a while –and by a while, I mean at least 2 months- then you need to go on a date this week. 

Dates are great because you’ll not only experience new things, but you’ll also get to spend time just talking to and about each other. Plus, you’ll share the experience of being out together. You can also do home dates if you like.

Also, if you’ve been cooped up in the house or dressed casually for too long, dressing up introduces some excitement and helps both partners appreciate each other’s physical attributes.


Buy Each Other Gifts

When was the last time you bought your partner a gift? If you’re worried that you can’t afford expensive gifts, just get them what you can afford. All you have to do is make sure the gift is a thoughtful one. 

Many people assume that gifts should only be given on special occasions. Not true. Make it a part of your daily life. Gifts can be as simple as an earring, a bracelet, or a bottle of perfume. These will add some more spice to the relationship. 


Avoid Letting Yourself Go

Many people are guilty of letting themselves go when they’re in a relationship. They stop exercising, dressing up, wearing nice perfumes, and doing the things that attracted their partner in the first place. Don’t be like that.

Take your personal hygiene seriously too. Brush twice a day and floss, visit dentists at https://www.marlercampbelldental.com/ – you’ve got to maintain the smile – apply moisturizers, shave, wear lovely fragrances… just take good care of yourself.


*Collaborative Post