3 Simple Ways To Start Sneaking Healthiness Into Your Day

Learning the best ways to keep healthy can be a long road. We’ve got to try things that suit us, but we’ve also got to remember that when we are talking about being healthy, it’s about having the right habits. We think that we need to dedicate a lot of time to getting healthy, but the reality is that you can easily sneak little nuggets of health into your day. Here are some suggestions. 

Stand Up a Bit More

We’ve all become aware that sitting is incredibly detrimental to our health. If you work at home, having an adjustable desk makes a massive difference to your health because if you are standing up doing work you will soon fix your posture and you may notice that you are able to carry yourself better, and even potentially breathe better! Such a simple thing to begin with, but it’s amazing how many people do not stand up much, or at all during their day. 


Micro Workouts

A lot of people believe they need to hit the gym for at least 45 minutes per session, but who has time for that? If you are so busy, you can easily sneak in micro workouts during your day. Depending on what your goals are, you can incorporate certain things to get the heart pumping. For example, if strength is your goal you can easily start to incorporate isometrics. This is where you tense a part of your body for literally a few seconds. There are many guides out there that show the benefits of tensing a muscle for between 7 and 12 seconds. For those who are looking to increase endurance, you can start to incorporate movements and do some jumping jacks here and 10 press-ups there. Micro workouts are incredibly popular with busy people. When we start to think about how long it takes to perform these micro workouts, they are done and dusted in between 7 and 120 seconds. 


Waking Up 15 Minutes Earlier

A lot of people talk about waking up at 4 am in order to get a head start on the day, but most people are going to feel absolutely exhausted by the time their lunch hour rolls around! Instead, just set the alarm 15 minutes earlier until you get used to waking up at this time. Once you’ve got used to that, you can set the alarm another 15 minutes earlier, and continue the cycle. So if it took you one month to get used to that earlier wake-up, in the space of 4 months you’ve gained an extra hour on your day! This means you can do some exercise or prepare a healthy lunch! 


You don’t need to think too much about your health, it should be a habit. If you feel that you need to make changes to your life but there’s no time, the reality is that it’s easy enough to sneak little things into your day that you won’t notice. It always begins with the first step. And when you start to think about that one little component you can add to your day, the rest are going to follow.

*Collaborative Post