3 Effective Ways To Instill Self-Care Habits In Your Kids

Self-care is crucial if you’re to live a long and healthy life. And while adults are the most involved in self-care, kids can get in on the act too. In fact, the earlier you teach your little one to learn the basics of their health, the better. Plus, you’ll be raising a child that will grow to take their health more seriously. Also, the more health-conscious your kids are, the less you’ll have to worry. Simple self-care habits can start at any age. And you can use the following tips to instill self-care habits in your kids. 


Normalize regular medical examinations

For many kids (and even adults), the thought of visiting a doctor alone can be traumatic. But that should not be a reason why you’ll deprive yourself of an important element in self-care – regular health examinations. Screenings can help detect health problems in their earliest stages when they’re most easily treatable. Even with your best self-care practices in place, some health issues can take you by surprise, and you may only notice them when it’s too late. And you don’t want your children making that mistake when they get older. So, start normalizing regular medical screenings with your kids. Let them know how important it is. And if your children have anxiety about visiting healthcare facilities, consider looking for facilities with more comfortable environments. For example, you can take your kids to a welcoming dentistry service provider like Serene Dentistry of North Salt Lake for dental examinations. 


Teach them to take care of their bodies

Your children are never too early to learn what is good and bad for their bodies. And there are so many basic things you can teach your little ones about taking care of their bodies. For starters, you can train your kids to adopt healthy habits by encouraging them to wash their hands, brush their teeth, drink water often, etc. You can also teach them the rudiments of grooming like brushing, taking a shower, combing their hair, etc.

Let them enjoy luxuries such as bubble baths, using a deep conditioner for their hair, and doing skin treatments as well. This can go a long way in making them into adults that learn the value of having a balanced life that includes making time for themselves.


Create a screen-free day

Children today grow up around screens and get used to them very early. From video games to kids-centered videos and even social media, many things can capture and keep a child’s attention locked to a screen for hours. But some studies have shown an unhealthy connection between screen time and sedentary behavior in children, leading to an increased risk of obesity. And aside from the risk of obesity, a sedentary lifestyle has several other health implications for a growing child. You can teach your child about the importance of limiting how much time they spend behind the screen by creating a screen-free day. You can use fun activities like dancing, doing an interesting hobby, going for a walk, etc., to get your child’s mind off the screen for an entire day. The earlier you help them set limits to their screen time, the easier it will be for them to continue this habit when they get older. 

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