Grammy Awards

The 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards Recap

Grammy Awards
Courtesy of the Recording Academy® / Getty Images © 2020

Sunday night’s GRAMMY Awards made for tons of big headlines, from Beyonce and Taylor Swift making history, to Harry Styles performance, the internet was abuzz with everything going on.

The 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards featured live performances during a time that live musical performances, and live anything for that matter, have been sorely missed. Additionally, the show offered support to struggling venues and venue workers, giving screen time to some of the workers who have been out of a job during the pandemic.

A round of applause is in order for the show’s executive producer, Ben Winston, who made his Grammys debut Sunday evening. The broadcast is being deemed as one of the best during this pandemic-era, with a very well-produced show for people to enjoy.

As far as the winners for this year’s awards show, Taylor Swift made history as she became the first female performer to win album of the year three times. Additionally, Beyonce is making tons of headlines after making history for winning her 28th GRAMMY, becoming the most decorated woman in GRAMMY history.


For a full list of winners from the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards, visit the GRAMMYS website.

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