10 Things You May Not Know About Me


Since I’m just getting started here, I figured what better way to start populating my blog than with 10 fun facts about myself! I hope I can intrigue you into coming back to my blog with these facts (and hey, maybe we’ll become friends!?)

1. I am engaged to my fiancé, Andrew.

First things first, I am engaged to my wonderful fiancé, Andrew (who we all actually call AJ). The first time we ever spoke was back in high school, I was supposed to interview his band for a music blog that I was writing at the time. Long story short, I never followed up on that interview and AJ was quite disappointed in me for that. Fast forward to our college years, and we got back in touch. The first time he asked me to hang out, I stood him up (Again, so sorry AJ). I’ve always been a nervous, anxious person so the thought of hanging out with new people, especially a guy, stressed me out. Anyhow, once I finally mustered up the courage to hang out with him, we ended up really enjoying each other’s company and spent hours talking, even after saying goodbye to each other. Fast forward a few years, and we’re currently planning our wedding! Funny the way things work out. I could honestly go on and on about him, but I won’t drive you all away!

2. I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelors Degree in Radio/Television/Film.

I graduated high school in 2012, and it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I decided I was going to go to college for what I always dreamed of. Instead of going to college and majoring in something that would guarantee me a good job and good money, I decided to take the chance and study something that would hopefully someday land me a job in the field that I thought would never be possible (and guess what, it has!). Throughout my college years, I was told time and time again that maybe what I was studying was a mistake and that I would have an extremely hard time finding a job in that field. Well, I sure did prove them all wrong. Hearing the negativity just made me want to work harder, and achieve success even more. So I spent hours on end, each and every day studying and preparing myself for post-college life. I took countless classes, interned with a baseball team in their Creative Services Department, and did my own work on the side. Lucky enough for me, I was offered an interview (and soon after a job) for my dream company, all before graduation! I count my lucky stars each and every day for the opportunities I have been given. And it just goes to show, hard work truly does pay off.

3. I run my very own Entertainment website/blog.

If your guilty pleasure is reading articles on the latest in the entertainment & pop culture world, check out my entertainment blog Trendsetters! There you will find a number of articles on the latest news in the music, movies, television (and more) world!

4. My dream is to be able to cover New York Fashion Week.

As you probably know by now, I am a journalist, and I absolutely love fashion. While I have covered a number of events in my short career thus far, number one on my career bucket list is to cover New York Fashion Week. Every time Fashion Week comes around, I am religiously following it all over social media. The excitement and artistry and uniqueness that all the designers put into their shows each fashion week just amazes me.

5. Photography is a hobby of mine.

Being in the field that I am, this one probably won’t surprise you either. But, in my spare time I like to take photos. I look at each time I pick up my camera as a way to improve and learn more about this craft. I am in no way a pulitzer-prize winning photographer, but I do love to be artsy and try new things. I actually just got a whole new set of studio equipment this Christmas, and I can’t wait to put together some shoots!

6. I am a South Jersey girl.

I reside just 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. But while I work in Philly, root for Philly sports teams, attend events in Philly and so much more in the City of Brotherly Love, I do in fact live in South Jersey. And before you ask… Yes, I do think South Jersey and North Jersey are two completely different states. While I love the excitement of the city, I will admit that there is nothing I love more than the countryside feel of South Jersey.

7. I am absolutely Disney-obsessed.

If you were to ask me where my favorite place in the world is, I would answer Disney World with absolutely zero hesitation. I grew up on everything Disney. To this day, I have two cardboard boxes FILLED to the brim with Disney VHS tapes. I really don’t think you can be too old for Disney, to be honest. It’s true what they say, Disney really is the happiest place on earth. I can’t wait to have kids of my own, and introduce them to the magic of Disney too!

8. Instagram is my favorite social media platform.

I know this fact is kinda like “yeah okay, and…” but in a day and age where we are constantly surrounded by technology, I mean hey why not. I feel like Instagram truly gives it’s users the opportunity to express themselves creatively. I love seeing people’s photography, their fashion taste, what new makeup look they are trying, where they are traveling too and much more. While you’re reading, follow me on Instagram, @bri_cutter!

9. WWE is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Don’t laugh at me on this one, but I love watching WWE. I never would have thought to watch it until I met Andrew, but now I am hooked. I have been to a handful of RAW events, a Smackdown event, and most recently I went to the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia, and they are so much fun! I love seeing how these amazing athletes bring storylines to life. Even more so, the strength and power of the women wrestlers is truly amazing. In the past year alone, the women wrestlers of WWE have made history countless times and have shattered so many glass ceilings that it is truly incredible. But yeah, so WWE is a guilty pleasure of mine. HA!

10. I love to meet new people, especially creative people.

I know I said before that I get nervous around people, which I do and it is a downfall of mine, I will admit. But, at the end of the day I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends. I love to hear what keeps a person getting out of bed each day, and people’s goals and dreams and ambitions. I especially love talking with creative people. There is nothing more fascinating than the mind and thoughts of someone who is creative. Whether they channel that creativity into writing, painting, dancing, fashion, beauty, blogging, fitness, whatever it is. I think it’s awesome when people use their creativity to channel their goals. So with that being said, if you think we would make good friends, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

I hope this helps you to learn a little bit about me, and hopefully I didn’t scare you away! 😉

Later gators!