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10 Outfits to wear this Valentine’s Day


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January has come and gone (FINALLY) and the month of love is here! I know there’s a lot of people who absolutely despise Valentine’s Day, but I can’t say I’m one of those people. Every Valentine’s Day my now fiancĂ© and I make reservations at our favorite restaurant and enjoy a nice Italian dinner together. We both have such hectic schedules that sometimes it is hard for us to enjoy a meal together, so we both look forward to our Valentine’s date.

I think what many people fail to realize is that Valentine’s Day isn’t a day to buy gifts and chocolate and flowers, which if you do that’s great too do ya thing, but Valentine’s Day is really a day to be able to spend some time with the love in your life, to set aside your busy every day life for just a little while and enjoy time together! Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t show each other you appreciate one another every day, because you absolutely should, that’s what relationships are all about! But there is just something about seeing everyone love each other, even if it is only for just that day! Love is in the air!

So whether your Valentine’s Day date this year is a fancy dinner, or even just a walk through the park or city, here are some ideas for some outfits you can wear on the day of love!



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This first look is perfect for just about any occasion, whether it be dinner and a movie, or a trip to the city, this look will work! Any pair of jeans can easily be dressed up with a nice blazer to give it a business casual look, throw on a pair of matching booties and a cute bag and you’re good to go!



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Perfect for the February weather, this look is comfy and still looks cute! Again, this is a look that is perfect for almost any occasion. You really can’t go wrong with an oversized neutral sweater, and you can add a pop of color to it with a colored bralette. (Classic Valentine’s Day colors like pink or red will give you extra points!) Pair it with a cute pair of jeans and a pair of flats or booties for a cute V-Day look!



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If you’re one to keep it basic, but want to dress it up a bit this Valentine’s Day, this look might work for you! A basic long sleeve tee and jeans can be dressed up with something as simple as a faux fur vest! Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend hundreds to get a cute faux fur look!



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If you’re looking for a more festive look, but still looking to keep it casual, this red and white striped sweater is perfect! I’ve seen so many great Valentine’s sweaters this year, and they’re perfect for the type of weather there usually is on Valentine’s Day!



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If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day doing something low key, like just going to catch a movie or grabbing some takeout, here is a more casual look for you! This oversized pink sweatshirt is perfect for the holiday, keeping you comfy but still looking cute! The snap button sides are the cutest little detail on this sweatshirt. Pair it with a pair of jeans, or even a pair of leggings for ultimate comfort. Who says you can’t look cute while keeping it low key?!



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Who ever said Valentine’s Day meant you had to be dressed to the nines? Keeping it casual totally works too! So with that being said, here is another casual look that works for mostly any occasion! These button and tie front tops are SO in right now, so even though it may be a casual look, you’re still looking super trendy.



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If you’re looking to dress up a bit, but not too much, an oversized sweater with a pair of dressy leggings is a look that may never go out of style. I love a good oversized sweater look, especially paired with a cute pair of booties! A look like this works for so many different occasions, so it is almost always a safe bet!



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Turtle neck and mock neck sweaters are so in this season, so take advantage of the trend for your V-Day look! Not only will you look cute and trendy, but you’ll be warm as well. Dress it up with some cute booties, a cute purse and your hair and makeup done and you will be Valentine’s Day ready!



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Here is another look for those who want to dress up, but not wear a skirt or dress. A pair of dressy jogger pants are my go-to for those types of situations! This pair of olive green pants are a great way to mix it up, instead of sticking with a pair of plain black ones, and they match perfect with a nice patterned top.



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Lastly, this has been my go-to look lately! I’m so in love with this corduroy skirt trend, and it can be dressed up in so many ways! If you’re in a warmer climate area, it works great with a tee and some sandals, or if you’re in a colder climate I’ve also dressed it up with a sweater or long sleeve tee, as well as a pair of stockings and boots. The possibilities are really endless with this type of look.


Do you have any outfit ideas for this Valentine’s Day?