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10 outfit ideas for the office


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There is just something about putting together outfits for work that I love! Maybe it’s because I went to catholic school most of my life, so I was wearing a uniform everyday, which made me unable to really use my creativity when it came to fashion.

Fast forward to today, I am able to style outfits for work and this blog, and I really love it!

So if you’re running out of outfit ideas for the office, look no further! Here are a few work outfits that I have styled:



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Starting off with this look, perfect for the spring or summer months! I’m really fond of the baby pink color on clothes, and while the color really matches with anything, I love pairing it with black. This tie front top from SHEIN pairs perfectly with the block heels in the same color, and black legging dress pants!



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My favorite part about this is easily the top, I love the tapered sleeves! I think that a simple detail on a piece of clothing can completely change it, and it’s all in the details! The sleeves on this top take it from a plain, everyday blouse and dress it up, making it appropriate for the office.



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You can never go wrong with a little black dress, but you need to know how to style it for the office! Go from night out to business chic with a nice cardigan — in any color! My favorite is to dress it up with a gray or tan cardigan, I’m all about the neutrals!



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The easiest way to put together a chic outfit for work, is to grab a stylish button up shirt! Express offers tons of cute portofino tops that’ll look great on any day of the work week. In my personal opinion, go with the patterned tops, they’ll take your look from basic to business.



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I’m a lover of neutrals, and I think they’re perfect for work! This grid cardigan is one of my favorites, and it really makes your outfit pop! I love the grid pattern and think it is so unique! Perfect for a dressed up look, or even a more casual look for work.



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If you’re look to move away from pants, there are plenty of skirt and dress options for both warmer and winter weather! This sweater dress paired with sweater leggings is great for the colder months, as it keeps you warm and is still a cute look!



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Another look for those who are not fans of pants! A simple skater skirt can be dressed up with so much, including a sweater! Roll up the sleeves to give it an extra bit of flare and you’re ready to roll!



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If you’re looking to go for a more casual look, a pair of flats paired with some dress pants and a short sleeve top is the way to go. The buttons on this top give it the detail it needs to fit the business casual mark.



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A pop of color can go a long way! This colorful top (which comes in TONS of colors) is perfect for the office. Roll up the sleeves for a little extra flare, or keep them long for the colder months.



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Lastly, this look is great for the spring and summer months. You don’t always have to stick with the typical pair of dress pants, mix it up! A pair of high waisted jogger-type pants are the perfect pair of pants to help you mix it up!


What are your go-to pieces for work? Share them, I’d love to know!